MAGIC ELEK is a 230V/16A ULTRA FLAT electrical cable. It comes with a connector to connect your devices (TV, wall lights, lighting and home automation) to your electrical socket.

Our solution, MAGIC ELEK, is specially designed for the general public, offering a simple and safe alternative to traditional electrical cables. You don’t need to be a DIY expert to enjoy its benefits. In fact, its innovative design and intuitive connectivity make it easy to install, without any danger of electrocution.

By replacing your traditional electrical cables with MAGIC ELEK, you benefit from a more discreet, aesthetically pleasing installation, without the hassle of costly building work, trunking and recessing. What’s more, our solution is patented and complies with the most stringent safety standards, including CE, RoHS, SGS, TUV, IEC, IECEE, ETSI, CE/EMC and UL94.

Our Magic Elek cable

MAGIC ELEK is today the one and only ultra-flat consumer power cable for 230 volts up to 16 amps. It’s world-renowned for its simplicity and speed of installation, without the need for tools or DIY. It’s more than an innovation: it’s a revolution. It’s THE product everyone needs, as it revolutionizes installations requiring electrical wiring.

Mr. Suthan, the founder and creator of MAGIC ELEK, has worked for over 10 years on this concept to make it real and accessible at affordable prices. Substantial investments have been made to achieve this irreproachable finished product, a must for the general public as well as for professionals in the trade.

MAGIC ELEK is the magic solution for those who want to undertake work in their home or office, at low cost and without breaking or modifying anything. What’s more, MAGIC ELEK is ecological and respectful of the environment.


Cable installation costs

Thanks to MAGIC ELEK, you can pay for work at lower cost and in less time!

With ducts
With a groove

2-metre ultra-flat cable + all installation accessories

Traditional 2-meter cable
Male/female socket

Traditional 2-meter cable
Male/female plug

Wallpaper included in the pack

Gutter for 2 meters + materials (glue, nails)

Paint/paper pot
Bleeding + filling by a professional
300€ min

Total : 39€ incl. tax
In 5min

Total : 50€ incl. tax
In 30min

Total: €345 incl. tax
In 3H


MAGIC ELEK is an ultra-thin electrical cable that is unique in the world, because the manufacturing process is highly complex and requires several levels of intervention to ensure that the product works.

The copper in our cable requires state-of-the-art technological machinery to protect it, flatten it and make it functional. During manufacturing, there are also several stages of human intervention that are time-consuming, precise and fastidious.

Several verification procedures are necessary and carried out throughout the manufacturing process by highly qualified employees: they test the products and make sure that they meet all the safety standards required for them to function properly. Our requirements in terms of quality, strength and safety are very high, and require our own testing laboratories. Manufacturing takes place in France in a factory that complies with all ISO standards.

It is the extreme complexity of manufacturing this electrical cable, and the fact that we do everything possible to ensure that the product works in the best possible conditions, that explain our very high manufacturing costs.


Video presentation

Robert Longechal, a well-known name in the DIY world, uses MAGIC ELEK, the invisible cable!

MAGIC ELEK: Video testimonial of an INVISIBLE lighting installation by Nicky Stan

Video demonstration of television installation with MAGIC ELEK

Video demonstration of luminaire installation with MAGIC ELEK

Corporate video