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Yes, the cable can be bent in 2 up to five times to change direction without interrupting the signal. Even folded, it can be easily hidden under paint or wallpaper.

Yes, the cable can withstand a pressure of up to 900 kg per cm².

The cable can be attached using the double-sided adhesive tape supplied. For uneven surfaces such as grainy walls, you can supplement with glue.

Yes, the cable can be cut to size with a simple pair of scissors.

No, everything is included in the package except for the scissors needed to cut the cable to the desired length.

The cable is designed for lighting fixtures and small appliances (maximum

As a mechanical product with no electronics, the cable is designed to last over 100 years.

Yes, you can buy custom cables and connectors in bulk directly from our website: www.magicelek.com in the bulk section.

Our after-sales service is available via WhatsApp, where our advisors will answer all your questions.

Yes, the cable is IP65, which means it can be installed under paint, plaster, tile adhesive, mortar, etc. On the other hand, the connectors are IP61-rated, so you'll need to make them airtight if you want to install them outdoors or in your bathroom.

Yes, the cable doesn't heat up and can be touched without risk, thanks to its high-performance recyclable PET (polyethylene terephthalate) protection, which replaces conventional PVC sheathing.

No, the cable is fireproof. In the event of an exceptional power surge, the cable may corrugate, heat up and melt, but it cannot catch fire.

No, the cable is designed for single-phase use up to 16A, in compliance with French regulations. It is prohibited in three-phase operation.


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