Read inspiring testimonials from our customers who have put their trust in MAGIC ELEK and used our ultra-flat cable for their installations.

From home entertainment systems to complex professional installations, our customers share their success stories with MAGIC ELEK cable.

Let their stories inspire you!

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"Hello, thank you very much for your product. Finally a screen without seeing the wires sticking out. For those who hesitate, order with your eyes closed." François S.

Testimonial 1 - TV wall installation

"Hello, I've just installed your cables and I'm bluffed!" Nisrine B. (Architect)

Testimonial 2 - TV wall installation

"Impossible to go over the plasterboard because of the insulation, so we tried this new concept, MAGIC ELEK. All the components in the kit are of truly professional quality, installation is disconcertingly easy and the result is amazing. I just added a third line for the earth connection, as you need to identify the phase from the neutral in the case of a fan motor, simply by using a small phase tester screwdriver. I could have improved the finish with a coat of plaster, but a simple coat of paint is all that's needed! This MAGIC ELEK power supply concept is really ...magic...yes! (unretouched photos)". Pascal P.

Testimonial 3 - Connecting a ceiling fan

"Au toooop l'installation! Too good, really!" Loic

Testimonial 4 - TV wall installation


Laurent T.

"I was looking for a flat, attractive electrical cable to replace the ones I have at home. I came across your website by chance. Once installed, the result is incredible, I recommend it!"

Marie H.

"Being new to DIY, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to install it properly. However, once I received the solution, I was very surprised at how easy it was to use the products."

Anne S.

"I didn't need to do any work to hide the electric cable because it's so thin. I simply stuck it to the wall and covered it with the wallpaper adhesive supplied in the pack. Very good value for money".

David C.

"I bought a luminaire but the cable was hanging down, which bothered me and I spent a long time looking for a solution. A friend recommended your products to solve the problem. So I ordered it and I'm very happy with the result.

Renaud P.

"Received, posed, impeccable, bravo à vous!"

Jean V.

"I had a problem with my electric cable, because I couldn't get it from one room to another without it blocking the door. But thanks to Magic Elek's ultra-flat electrical cable, I was able to stick it to the skirting board and close the door.